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Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Batman Movie News, News | 16 comments



It was true, Christopher Nolan came to the CinemaCon ’12. He did not come alone, Nolan brought with him the new five minute footage to be shown at the convention. Everyone has been hyped to find out the details of the footage…well at least some of the descriptions. Below this point will be the descriptions of the footage. If you do not like to read the spoilers leave this post now.



 The footage starts off with Bane’s dialogue on the CIA plane and Bane taking down the plane. The voice is much clearer according to nailbiter11 from Comic Book Movie. However, this could be due to the audio from CinemaCon. Since the convention has better technological equipment to make the audio sound clearer. After the CIA scene, the following scenes were shown:

  • Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) dressed as a maid before ripping off the white frills and revealing her black dress
  • James Gordon (Gary Oldman), as seen in the teaser trailer from last summer, lying in a hospital bed in bad shape
  • Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) sitting in his Batcave, which still looks very much like a cave
  • Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox together in Wayne Enterprises
  • A team of police officers in raid gear slowly touring through what appear to be subway tunnels
  • Batman’s new vehicle, The Bat, taking to the air and spinning twisting as it flies over Gotham
  • Catwoman, in her full costume, leaning down and stealing stuff from a safe
  • Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) and Bruce Wayne sharing an intimate kiss
  • Catwoman sitting on the Batpod and firing at a blocked tunnel in the distance
  • Miranda Tate saying, “You’ve given them everything,” and Bruce Wayne replying, “Not yet.”
  • Alfred (Michael Caine) talking about the difficulty of getting back into his old routine.

As some have theorized, the mysterious cloaked figure is John Blake. The footage does not give away any context of the film nor any dialogue about Blake’s purpose in the film. This remains a mystery, but that gives us a chance to theorize more. Blake’s scenes are as followed:

  • Blake flashes a badge and is quickly seen wielding a shotgun
  • Giant bridge crumbling in an explosion and then a reaction shot from Gordon-Levitt.

That is all the footage shows and it seems epic. It is five minutes worth  so get pumped. It seems we’re not given any new dialogue in the five minute footage, but I must comment on Catwoman’s quick change into her black dress. So AWESOME! I am super stoked about the descriptions. She owes that Batpod! OWES IT! We now know about Blake, but know very little how he will play out in the movie. Sadness…DAMN YOU NOLAN FOR NOT LETTING US HEAR SOME SICK DIALOGUE! I hope trailer 3 gives us some Catwoman dialogue. MOAR DIALOGUE!

Comment below or on DKN Facebook about the new five minute footage. Do you think it is solid gold? What do you get from the footage descriptions? What new things are you theorizing about Nolan’s epic finale of TDKR?

Corrections and more footage detail scenes  go to TDKR New Footage Scenes and Corrections 

Source- Cinemablend via Comic Book Movie


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  1. i want it to leak now!!!!

    • You and the rest of us. It’s NOT FAIR!

      • it might be leaked this friday, i’m pretty sure the Avengers comes out in the UK thursday night… correct me if i’m wrong though! (=

        • You’re right the premiere comes out the 26th. UGHH! U.S. has to wait until May 4th! UGHHHH!

          • but isnt the 5 minute sneak peek shown at cinema con and trailer 3 two different things? unless they put the 5 minute sneak peek online eventually

          • there two different thing, the 5 min-sneak peak was made specially for Cinemacon…! granted they might use some of that footage in the new trailer. I heard that Nolan used some of the footage from the prologue to show that he cleared up Bane’s voice….. man the poster should be arriving at anytime now!!! (=

          • i hoped he didnt clear it up too much bc i liked his voice and the reason some ppl had problems was because they were on a plane. But when i saw the actual imax prologue i had no problem at all. I hope the accent is still the same tho

          • So it must be technology. Damn!

          • YEUP, I agree with you and Kristina….. Damn I loved his voice too, maybe Nolan keeped the same dark tone but with a little clarity!

          • Yup yup! Ppl are eating their words now.

  2. JGL motherf*cker character is giving me cramps of so many doubts! Ugh… Who the hell is he anyway??????? Selina disguised is AWESOME, told you so Ebo! Fuck, i can’t wait… july is soooo goddamn far! TDKR will rock our underwears!

    • ROCKIN’!

  3. Bruce hired a sexy maid ! Alfreds gonna be pissed = )

    • Lol! Steal Wayne’s jewerly. Go Selina! Mama pearls.

    • I bet Alfred hired her! That naughty old bastard! XD

      • Pretty much. “Master Wayne we need a woman’s touch in this old place, sir”

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