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Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in Batman Merchandise, Batman Movie News, News | 3 comments

THE BAT Mattel Toy Sneak Peek

THE BAT Mattel Toy Sneak Peek

So earlier today released an exclusive sneak peek of Mattel’s  ‘THE BAT’, based on the upcoming Blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises. Just one of the newest vehicles Batman has in the new film. Interesting enough the toy has propellers underneath the plane, this could explain how the vehicle flies and maneuvers. Check out the video below:


“The Bat is an interactive and action-packed toy based on the new movie The Dark Knight Rises. The Bat features the geometric design of the flying vehicle seen in the film. With the spinning propellers on the bottom, kids can pretend to “lift off” and “fly” the vehicle by holding the handle on top. The cockpit opens up and seats one Batman QuickTek action figure (sold separately) or most 3.75-inch action figures. The Bat also features two launching projectiles and realistic battle sounds. And by pressing the button on the handle, kids can launch the special Launch & Attack Batman action figure out of The Bat, sending it flying up to nine feet away. To launch the figure, pull back on the bottom lever. Slide in the Batman figure on the track. Close the lid and press the button, and the Batman figure will zoom out.”


So how do you think ‘THE BAT’ will fly? Let us know in comment section below.





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  • EBostock

    LOL the way Batman just shot across the room ! I love the Bat design , i have been thinking though will this be the first Batman film without some sought of Bat mobile ? i dont know how i feel about that the Bat mobile is as much a character as Alfred or anyone else ! Carnt wait to see the Bat chase down the camo Tumblers though !

    • One-Eye

      That thing is ugly… but charming at the same time!

  • One-Eye

    So, the thing is a hovercraft with 2 inverted propellers! I remember when Ebo figured it out far back when SUBARUFAN put the pics of it online!