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Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Batman Media News, News | 0 comments

Is Rocksteady Showing BATMAN: ARKHAM 4 To Press Today?

Is Rocksteady Showing BATMAN: ARKHAM 4 To Press Today?

rocksteadySomething juicy came our way today thanks to the folks at Batman Arkham Videos. It seems that Rocksteady may be showing the next Arkham game to the press sometime today. It’s just speculation that’s what’s being shown, but apparently something is being exhibited.

IGN Benelux writer Jan Meijroos Tweeted the picture that you see to the left this morning. It was quickly taken down, but luckily NeoGAF took a screen cap prior to deletion. Meijroos told his fans that whatever he’s seeing today will be disclosed in a month.

In the video below, it’s theorized that we will get a big reveal via a cover story in an upcoming issue of Game Informer. That publication revealed the first three Arkham games, so it stands to reason that tradition will continue. They do point out that Rocksteady could be working on something new altogether. Want my honest opinion? It’s Arkham 4.

Source: Batman Arkham Videos

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